"everyone forgot my birthday on facebook"

happy birthday, beloved brother

a very postmodern cactus

i’ve been having fun toying with this character, who may currently be in the midst of a mental breakdown. the pictures on the bottom are my frantic, grossly drawn sketches 

i’ve been calling him bitter melon

listening to the science friday radio program 

to sleep perchance to dream

sunburnt, weathered, and worn

i’m home

a propensity for blues 

more. to. come?

here’s my second year film at calarts! it was a crazy learning experience, filled with many feels and compromises along the way. i enjoyed the processes of integrating different mediums, and trying to accomplish something cohesive from start to finish. special thanks to everyone who helped me out, and to all my friends and family! i’m so stoked to be a part of all this, and for all my schoolmates’s awesome films!

bathroom blues

i’m a bit too lazy and tired to try and bother figuring out the background. but i like this idea… it’s something i’d want to explore (an airy promise i tell myself often)