an exercise in procrastination

weird hellboy doodles

what’s going on??? (my attempts at cg)

Abby Magno: portfolio 2014!

every time i glance at my name on something that comes to represent me, i have a split-second moment of panic that i’ve spelt my last name wrong.

here’s my portfolio i did for portfolio day! it was mega-stressful, but worth it. i’m pretty stoked with the outcomes and i had fun working with the ideas i had. there’s also some of my second year film development in there. i had a reel that i’d like to throw up later (it was put together quickly and it has no sound), but i guess i should work on my film now.

what a mess

a friend introduced me to r. d. laing’s book knots. it’s really cool.



watching House of Cards

dreams of steve mcqueen